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[#773467] Sewing courses and pattern making in Rotterdam n.o.t.k.

Sewing courses and pattern making in Rotterdam
Foto 1: Sewing courses and pattern making in Rotterdam
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Prijs: Nader overeen te komen - Sewing courses and pattern making in Rotterdam Mobiele atelier is the fashion studio in Rotterdam for sewing classes, sewing courses, sewing courses and, pattern making, fashion and design, draping, creative courses and workshops. Create your own fashion and learn how to sew clothes with the course sewing and pattern drafting. Make well fitted clothes for yourself or someone else. Fit for beginners with no experience as well as advanced with a little or more experience. Sewing courses and sewing techniques Step by step you will learn (basic) sewing techniques and practices required to create different garments. These techniques will allow you to use in different types of garments. With our sewing classes we teach you how to make clothing using the proper sewing techniques in just a few weeks. Operation and threading the sewing machine comes into play, here you will also get tips for buying a sewing machine. Each lesson builds on the other. You learn something new every week, and learning becomes easier, making you take your skills to the next level. The course will be adjusted in level and knowledge, making the courses suitable for absolute beginners to advanced. You can take the sewing or pattern making course or combine the two. Pattern drafting The basis of a beautiful garment is a good pattern. If you want to have nice well fitted clothes it is convenient that you can draw a pattern. In this course you will learn pattern making, measure, calculate sizes and translate it into a matching pattern. You will also learn how to modify existing patterns, as this is the basis of every garment. From the first lesson you draw the first basic pattern: a straight skirt. From there, you will make all the basic patterns on your own size or other selected size. The basic patterns are the basis for almost all models and always true to scale and size. So you can make each desired model for yourself and/or others. Besides the pattern drawing, you will also learn to take account for different body shapes and postures. How does it work After your registration and confirmation of participation in a course, you can immediately enroll or start on any given day and starting dates on the website. How long will the course take The course has a duration of 10 to 12 weeks and is organized so that you don’t go on endlessly. From beginning to end you know what you are going to do. You can choose to continue after the basic course with advanced and further advanced course or take a course on membership level and pay per month. By who The courses are prepared, conceived, designed and taught by Priscilla Reynolds. We work with small groups, and there are also assisting teachers and trainees present. The courses are in dutch but with english speaking teachers we are able to assist and translate for our English speaking students as well. What do you need The courses include all required materials, including stencils and folders for sewing and pattern drafting. Take your own sewing machine with you or make use of the machines we have available. Including video sewing lessons Now with additional support from our video online sewing classes. Continue learning in your own time, pace and location. Our mission is to teach everyone within a certain time and give them, tips, and methods by which they can quickly get to work. You will learn practical tips and tricks to create beautiful garments in a short time. Our range of courses includes: Course sewing and pattern drafting (womens, mens, childrens) Course sewing and pattern drafting (Advanced) Molding and draping. Course Creation Moroccan dress Private courses sewing and pattern drafting Fashion design and realization (Fashion Design pattern drafting and sewing) Video courses sewing Online Visit our]]>
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